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Summer is Here.

Moms everywhere are panicking and scrambling to sign up for swim lessons, day camps and anything else that'll help preserve a little sanity through the coming months.

How's it going so far?

We all plan our summers with the best intentions - routines, themes, trips and outings - but somehow things always fall apart by the end of June. We're too busy, or not structured enough, or just plain frazzled from all the fighting and screen time battles.

It's not too late to pivot!

I created the Summer Play Book to help set you up for success this summer. It's a lovely mini-workbook with a different approach than anything else you'll find, because we actually address taking care of YOU. There are lots of summer lists and how-to's out there but if you aren't well, you can't sustain any of that. This play book will empower you to enjoy summer - on your terms. Are you in??

Get your Summer Play Book here!