Momming Again?

I've been in your shoes. You thought you were done having kids and then... something changed. Whether you meant for it to happen or not, this is a huge adjustment!

One of the hardest parts for me was the GUILT.
  • Guilt that I had mixed feelings and wasn't 100% excited
  • Guilt that my older kids would now get less of my attention
  • Guilt that this new child wouldn't get the same experience her siblings did
  • Guilt that I didn't have the energy to be a "good" mom anymore
  • Guilt for being jealous of my friends whose kids were all in school (think of all the time they had!)
  • Guilt for leaving behind my newly rediscovered sense of self (not to mention my body)
Guilt is HEAVY, and we moms are really good at piling it on ourselves. But we don't have to keep living with that weight!
I'm on a mission to banish Mom Guilt. Holding on to guilt doesn't actually help us improve anything, and it makes us (and our families) miserable in the mean time. So I've created a printable flowchart to walk you through the process of learning from your guilt so you can let it go and move on!
Download your free Magic Guilt Eraser for Moms below!