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Self Support Planner

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Much more than a planner. It will guide you through the process of building true self care into your everyday life!


  • 6 months undated
  • 90 full-color pages that won't bleed
  • Monthly and weekly views
  • Unique process for planning self care and overcoming hurdles
  • Big results without guilt or overwhelm
  • Includes free private help session and how-to videos
month calendar view
monthly explore & results pages
weekly spread

Why the Self Support Planner?


As a life coach, I've worked with a lot of burned-out moms, and I've noticed a pattern. You go all in on your family and forget that you're a person too. Your needs and desires go neglected for years, sometimes decades, while you're exhausted by your family's relentless needs. As this goes on, you become resentful and disconnected, all while feeling guilty for not being happier or more grateful. Sound familiar? It happened to me too!

The root of this problem is self-neglect. But we know that, right? So why do we still do it? We just don't have a good process for making our own care a routine part of family life. So I created this planner to baby-step us into regular self support built right in to our daily lives - not just a girls night out once in a blue moon.

You are a totally unique person with something to offer this world that nobody else can do. And we need you to be ok. So please join me and give yourself the excellent care you deserve.



"Using this planner is the first time in my life that I've actually sat down, written down my needs, strategized on how best to meet them, and planned actual steps to do it! I've never seen anything like it!"

- Rosalie M, Mom of 3

Our agency has had Molly Cash as a guest speaker for a women's group. The group was impressed and excited about the planner that Molly developed. They appreciated her personal story and her wonderful, creative efforts to help other women to be organized as individuals, moms, and working professionals. The planner has received positive reviews and the women are reporting increased productivity and positivity. Thank you, Molly for all of your help and resources!!

- Denise Kearl, LCSW, MSW

Owner, DK Counseling Services

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